Sabtu, 30 Desember 2017

Thoughts In 2017

2017 is almost over..
but hope isn't the end of the world (inshaallah aaamiiin)

alot of things that happens in 2017
i want to review some of those things in here , and i have a long list of what i am grateful for..
but before i wrote down it.. jangan heran i will wrote in 2 language : Indonesia and English ya hihihi

2017 isn't as easy as they see but is much better than the last year..

What i'm grateful for in 2017 :

1. Allah swt, Family , Friends and Cats :


My Mood Booster, they are always there for me when im feeling depressed , sad, or happy..  no words can describe how much i love em..they are all my everything. Thank You Allah swt, papah mamah doni aldi and all for always loving me unconditionally  thank to all for supporting me...sadly this year i lost my chubby yet gemesin cat name uning but oh ya i've got 4 new kittens in office , 2 new kittens in home :)

2. Careers
after being a teacher in 2015 - 2016 in last 2016 - 2017 i have a new job.. now im being a secretary on come company :) thank to Allah swt for this opportunity. hope there will be a brighter life for my future (and for my family too)..
bersyukur alhmadulillah tahun ini dari hasil keringat aku sendiri, aku bisa membahagiakan kedua orangtua aku dan adik adik aku.. ya walau masih belum seberapa tapi aku bahagia bisa bahagiain mereka semoga mereka merasakaan kebahagiaan yang aku beri aaamiiin :) but inshallah i promise aku akan lebih berusaha lebih giat agar bisa lebih membahagiakan mereka yang aku sayang :)

3. for every lesson : sadness and happiness

and many things...

little throwback in 2017 :

1. Traveling to Belitung for the first time on January / February 2017

2. Traveling alone to Yogyakarta :p maybe in 2018 i will travel more with or without family and

3. selfie in 2016-2017 : Mrs. Flower Crown & Manyun



udah segitu aja nanti pada males liatnya hahahaha

4. About Instagram : my instagram feed still dominate with Music and Art.. lol

5. About Music : Old song, Jazz song, Rizky Febian, Jaz, BIGBANG, EXO, BTS, John Mayer, ONE, AIYA  (changmo feat Beenzino), Troye Sivan, Zayn, Kwon Ji Young, Taeyang, Shawn Mendes, Westlife, 1D, Super Junior, Kendrick Lamar, Fetty Wap, ost. Scarlet Heart Go ryeo, ost. lala land.. they are all in my Favorite playlist this year.

6. about F&B : Mango Juice, Sate Taichan, Indomie, Seblak.. <3

7. Favorite Drama & Movie : LA LA Land i love MoonLovers Scarlet Heart Go ryeo - So much (Drama Ter Baper
    cuuuy :') ), Revolutionary Love, Weekly Idol, The Best Hit, Jumanji.. aku tahun ini jarang dan lagi
     kurang update dan enggak ikutin film film terbaru.

8. Games : Imvu, Episode, Design Home, FreeFire, Choices

9. Fear : the biggest fear till this year.. i m scared i will lost my memories.. cause perlahan ingatan aku semakin berkurang :'(

10. About Love : Still Single lolololol.. single ready to mingle i guess..

The Best Moment :

 * Bisa berbagi kebahagiaan ke kedua orangtua, adik adik dan lainnya
 * Traveling with my own money (precious time)
 * Got A new cats
 * Got a new Niece from My Besties Nabilah : shakila.. setelah ada Malika (be), Amical (felma),
    Dira (widi)
 * Masih di beri usia dan kasih sayang dari banyak orang semoga kedepannya juga sama dan bisa
    lebih banyak orang yang bisa di sayang dan sayang sama aku

i choose to not remember the sadness in 2017 .. let me keep to myself and i will learned from it..

Dear Allah swt Thank you for everything that happend to me in this year, for every sadness and happiness.. forgive me if im still not good enough to be your hamba. but i will do my best to be a better person.

Alhamdulillah 2017 Thank you for All the Lesson
Bismillah 2018 Here Iam Ready please Be nice and be an Awesome Years Ahead

My Goals for next Year and a years ahead :

1. Traveling More (all around the world)
2. Umroh and Hajj
3. Got a BF or  Hubby (lol)
4. Be a Better Person (for Dunya and Hereafter)
5. Diet
6. have my own success Company (be entrepreneur)
7. i can hire alot of people
8. Be more stylist, Feminine and Elegant :p but still be myself
9. have more Happiness Moments with my dearest Love ones (family, friends, cats and people that i love and love me back)
10. bisa lanjut S2
11. more Love Less Hate, More Happiness less Sadness, More Friends Less Enemy


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