Senin, 28 Juli 2014

Another quiz result

I love take a quiz in my "waktu senggang"
And now I'm tryin to take quiz " what martbak flavor r you?" by xl

So this is it...

How does the know it.. Cheese Martabak 
Is my favorite because the chocolate and the nuts one r too sweet hahaha *knp jadi curcol kesukaan aku apa :p*
And the result say the truth about me: 
Sometime people think im arrogant because my attitude too calm.. It doesn't mean im arrogant person.. Sometime i just dont have any words to open the conversation with somebody, if they asked me i will answer it. And sometime i just scared to be ignored if i open the convo.. :') that's why I choose to keep in silent if they r not closed with me

Ps: btw if u want try it too here is the link


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